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Psoralen 骨 脂 素

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Psoralen is the effective ingredient extracted from a Chinese herb, bu gu zhi骨脂   (Psorales corylifolia, L.), also known as po gu zi 破 故 子.

Uses: to increase melanin in the skin. Can be used in treating vitiligo, bald patches of hair, and psoriasis.

(1) For vitiligo, use 2 ml for muscle injection once a day. One hour after injection let patient go outdoors and sunbathe for 10 to 30 minutes, or use ultra violet lamp at a distance of 50 cm, starting at 2 minutes each time and gradually each day or every other day increase the dosage by 1 minute until reaching 10 to 15 minutes, or use the medicine externally applying to the affected area. After a few minutes, let patient go outdoors and sunbathe for 5 minutes as a starter and if there is no adverse reaction, gradually increase until 20 minutes or use ultra violet lamp for the affected area. Every 2 to 3 days apply the medication once. Continue a few months to more than half year. If a large area is affected by vitiligo, use injection. After sunbathing, wash the medicine off face and hands.

(2) For psoriasis, take orally 40 to 80 mg (patients with lighter body weight should take lesser amount). Two hours after taken the medicine, use ultra violet light for the whole body for about 15 to 30 minutes at a distance of 7 to 17 cm and at shorter distance for areas that are more serious. Treatment should be applied daily or every other day, three to six times per week. After symptom is gone, continue the treatments and gradually spacing them further apart.



(1) Do not apply to patients who are allergic to sunlight.

(2) Discontinue the treatments if after sunbathing or receiving ultra violet therapy the local areas become swollen and inflamed.  After the inflammation has subsided, continue with the treatments but shorten the sunbathing or the ultra violet therapy time.

(3) If the injection liquid show crystallization, place the tube in boiling till the crystals have dissolved and the liquid cool off before using. If the liquid becomes cloudy during heating, it is because of the increase of the solution. After cooling off, it should become clear again.

(4) Store in a dark place and avoid freezing.



Injection liquid (oil base): 2 ml per tube, with 1 mg of psoralen.

Solution for external use: 50 ml per bottle with 25 mg of psoralen.

Capsules: 40 mg of psoralen each.


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