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ren shen jian pi wan 人参健脾丸 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu           按此看中文


Name of Formula: ren shen jian pi wan 《source of formula: Zhen Zhi Zhun Sheng  》


Application: weak digestion due to pixu (spleen deficient), resulting in lack of appetite, feeling full after eating a small amount, noisy stomach and intestines, nausea and vomiting, pain in abdomen, weakness and tiredness.



ren shen 25g,  bai zhu (stir fry with bran)150g, fu ling 50g, shan yao 100g,  chen pi 50g,  mu xiang  12.5g, shan ren 25g, huang qi (bake with honey)100g,  dang gui 50g, suan zao ren (stir fry) 50g,  yuan zhi (prepared) 25g
Make into fine powder. Shift. Mix well. Add 40 to 50 g of cooked honey to every 100 g of powder. Add appropriate amount of boiled water. Make into small pills or add 110 to 120 g of cooked honey and make into large pills of 6 g each.



small pills. 6 g each time. (small pills are more concentrated)

large pills: 2 pills each time


藥方名:人参健脾丸 《方源:証治準繩  》  




人參 25g,白朮(麩炒)150g, 茯苓 50g ,山藥 100g, 50g,木 香  12.5g,砂仁 25g, 黃 耆(蜜炙)100g,當歸 50g,酸棗仁(炒)50g, 遠志(制) 25g。

以上十一味,粉碎成細粉,過篩,混勻。每100g粉末加煉蜜40~50g 與
適量的水,泛丸,乾燥,製成水蜜丸;或加煉蜜110~120g 製成大蜜丸,即得。




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