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Restless Leg Syndrome, Acupuncture


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 朱興國編譯   

 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

I. Body acupuncture method:

  1.  Ashi points, feng shi point GB31, wei zhong point BL40, yang ling quan G34, chen shan BL57、san yin jiao Sp6tai xi K3  being used by Chang zhiyong on 32 patients. The effective rate is 87.5%. [1]

  2. Ashi points, wei zhong point BL40,  yang ling quan point G34, zu san li point S36jue gu GB39,  being used by Wang Xu et el on 60 patients. The total effective rate is 96.7%.[2]

  3. Zhao Wen et el used  trigger points combining with nerves locations to select points, selected the jia ji points of lumbar 4, lumbar 5 and sacral 1 as main points, and follow lumbosacral nerve root and select yao yi point EX-B6, tun zhong point (buttock center point), bao wang point BL53, xu bian point BL54, huan tiao point GB30 for the study group. For control group, the traditional selection of points by meridians (channels) was used: xue haiSP10、yang ling quanG34san yin jiaoSp6cheng junBl 56、cheng shanBL57. The result on the study group was: Effective rate: 97.6%  Showing cured:90.3%


Auriculotherapy with pressure bead method



Select points: ear shen men, pi zhi xia, nei fen mi. Combine with ear ankle point, ear knee point. (See picture below).


Use wang bu liu xiang seeds and adhesive tape. Apply on the points. Instruct the patient to press and wiggle them 3 times a day. 1 to 2 minutes each time. Therapy period: every other day. 7 to 10 days is a therapy period.


See picture about the points on the ear.


Note: Ashi point is also called trigger point, points that hurt when pressed.


(一) 體針法

張志勇[1] 取阿是穴 (壓痛點)、風市、委中BL40、陽 陵泉G34、承山BL57、三 陰交Sp6太 溪K3 等穴位治療32例,有效率87.5%。


王旭等[2] 針灸阿是穴 (壓痛點)、委中BL40、承山BL57、陽 陵泉G34足 三里S36絕骨 GB39 等穴治療60例,總有效率96.7。


趙文等[3] 根據陽性反應部位結合神經走行解剖特點取穴,選取發病側腰4, 腰5, 和骶1夾脊為主穴,沿腰骶神經根及主要神經幹線的解剖走向,選取腰宜EX-B6、 臀中、胞肓BL53、秩邊BL54、環跳GB30 為配穴;對照組40例採用傳統循經取穴方法,選用血海SP10、陽 陵泉G34三 陰交Sp6、 承筋Bl 56、承山BL57。結果治療組有效率97.6%,愈顯率90.3%,明顯高於對照組。

  方法:王不留行子貼 敷,用膠布固定。囑病人每天按壓3次,每次1~2分鐘。

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[1] 張志勇. 針刺治療不安腿綜合征32例. 福建中醫學院學報,2001,11(2):32
[2] 王旭,王鷹雷,王濤. 針灸治療不安腿綜合征60例臨床觀察. 中日友好醫院學報,2004,18(5):286
[3] 趙文,王迪華,秧榮昆. 不同循經取穴治療不安腿綜合征療效比較. 中國針灸,2005,25(9):616~617


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