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shan zhu yu 山茱萸; shan yu rou 山萸肉  


(in English and Chinese 中英文)


Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Present Day Applications:

現代 應用﹕

For hypertension therapy.


Pharmaceutical name:英文藥名﹕

Fructus corni officinalis

Biological name:拉丁文學名﹕

Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc.

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese:


saan1 jyu4 yuk6

Other Names:


shan cai huang 山菜黃﹐shan yu rou 山萸肉﹐shan zhu yu 山茱萸﹐shu suan zao  蜀酸棗.

In henan area, it is also called rou zao 肉棗,  yao zao, 藥棗 zao pi 棗皮, shi zao   實棗.

河南地方名 為﹕肉棗﹐藥棗﹐棗皮 ﹐實棗。

Common Name:


Asian Cornelian Cherry Fruit, cornus fruit



in middle part and southern part of China.

分布華南﹐華 中等地。

Properties (characteristics)﹕


sour, acrid, slightly warm, not toxic.


Channels (meridians) entered:


liver, kidney


Medical Functions:


promote urination, lower blood pressure, antibiotic


Actions & Indications:用途﹕

impotence, spermatorrhea, instant sweating, sore or week knees, chronic lower back pain, frequent urination, incontinence,  excessive bleeding during menstrual periods, bleeding from uterus, hypertension, tinitis.

功用:   補血,強壯,補肝腎,濇精,止汗,明目。


Chemical ingredients:


  • 莫羅忍冬苷 (Morroniside),
  • 番木鱉苷 (Loganin),
  • 當藥甘 (Sweroside)
  • 鳶尾甘類(Iridoid glycosides)
  • 單寧類(Tannins),
  • 異訶子酸 (Isoterchebin),
  • 鐵馬寧(Tellimagrandin),
  • 三沒食子葡萄苷(1.2.6-Tri-O-galloy-β-D-glueoside),
  • 山茱萸單寧苷(Cornusiin),
  • 熊果酸(Urosolie acid),
  • 酒石酸(Tartarie acid)。
  • 山茱萸苷(Cornuside)

Per day Dosage:

每日用 量﹕

normal usage is 5 to 10 g. Large dosage can up to 30 g.

常用量5~10克 ,大劑量可用至30克。

Samples of formulae:

處方舉 例﹕

Bed wetting:  shan zhu yu 15 g,  fu pen zi 15 g,  yi zhi rentu si zi  11 g﹐xian mao 11g. Boil with water and drink as tea.

Sweating non stop: shan zhu yu 15 g, wu wei zi 9 g,raw long gu 30 g﹐raw mu li  30 g. Boil with water and make into 3 servings.

Priaprism due to yinxu condition:  shu di huang 30 g, shan yu rou  15 g﹐gui ban 15 g﹐bie jia 15 g huang bai 15 gzhi mu 12 g. Boil with water and make into 2 servings。

Excessive bleeding during menopause due to liver and kidney yin deficient:  shu di huang  24 g, ,shan yao 15 g, shan zhu yu 15g,dang gui 12 gbai shao 12 gdan pi 12 gfu ling 9 gze xie 9 gai ye 9 g ﹐xi cao 9 g﹐di yu 9 g han lian cao 9 g.  Boil with water. Make into 3 serving.

Premature ejaculation, impotence, spermatorrhea due to yinxu condition:  shu di huang 30 gshan zhu yu 30 g,jin ying zi  15 g,zhi mu 12 ghuang bai 12 g.  Boil with water. Make into 2 servings for morning and night.

Night sweating due to yinxu condition:  shan zhu yu 30 g,mai dong 18 g,sheng di huang  24 g,wu wei zi 9 g. Boil with water. Use as tea.

治遺尿﹕ 山 茱 萸 覆 盆 子 各15克,益 智仁菟絲子仙茅各11克,水煎,分 两次早晚服用。數劑即效

治汗出不止﹕  山 茱 萸15克 ,五味子9克,生龍 骨﹐生牡 蠣各30克,水煎,分3次服。

腎陰虚,虚火偏亢所 致的陽事易舉﹕ 熟地黃 30克,
山 茱 萸龜 板鱉 甲 黃 柏  各15克 ,知 母12克,水煎,分两次早晚服。

治肝腎陰虚引起的崩漏 ﹕ 熟地黃 24克,
山 藥山 茱 萸各15克,當 歸白 芍丹 皮 各12克,茯 苓澤 瀉

艾 葉 ﹐茜草﹐地 榆 旱 蓮草 各9克,水煎,分3次服。

腎陰虚所致的遺精, 早泄,或陽痿﹕ 熟地黃
山 茱萸各30克,金 櫻 子 15克,知 母黃 柏各12克,水煎,分两次早晚服。

山茱 萸 30克,麥 冬 18克,生 地黃 24克,五味子9克 ,水煎服。

治肝虛與腎陰虚引起的 頭暈﹐視力减退﹕ 
山茱 萸枸 杞 子 各30克, 熟地黃 24克,菊 花15克,水煎,分两次早晚服。

中醫藥報, 陳國華

Modern Research:


to be loaded



Not to use in cases  liver yang ascending and in cases of difficulty in urination due to damp-heat.

According to the Whole Nation of Japan Farmers' Federation, the five kinds of Chinese herb being sold in the market, chen pi, su ye, da zao, jie shishan zhu yu have been tested and showed they contain farm chemical residues. Although there is a suspicion of conflict of interest but the creditability is high. It is better to soak the herb in water and wash it thoroughly before use.

日本農民運動全國聯合會報告目前日本市場上流通銷售的陳 皮蘇葉大棗桔實山茱萸五種中藥藥材被檢驗出有六種農藥殘留﹔並以陳皮含量最高。雖然報告單位可能被懷疑有利益衝突﹐可信性相當高。使用時最好先用水浸洗乾淨。


肝陽上亢 者及 濕熱 內蘊小便不利者忌服。



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