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shou san li Li10 手三里 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯


shou san li Li10

Location: turn the palm sideways while bending the elbow. It is on the line of the yang xi  point and qu chi (LI 11), 2 cun below qu chi point.


  1. toothache,

  2. jaw pain, tonsillitis,

  3. acute lumbar sprain;

  4. the upper arm and shoulder arm pain or hand paralysis heartless, hemiplegia, muscle atrophy, slow perception caused by invasion of exogenous pathogens, qizi (qi stagnation) and blood stasis.



定位:側 掌屈肘,在陽溪穴與曲 池LI 11的 連線上,曲池LI 11下2寸 處取穴。


  1. 牙痛

  2. 頜痛

  3. 扁桃體炎

  4. 急性腰扭傷

  5. 外邪侵襲,氣 滯 血淤 引起的上臂及肩臂部疼痛或手痹不仁、半身不遂、肌肉萎縮、知覺遲鈍

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