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H1N1 Influenza  甲型 H1N1 流行感冒


Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                 按此看中文


Name of Formula:   Influenza Preventing Herbal Tea (provided by the Health Department of City of Shen Zhen, Guangdong, China)

Medical function of formula: strengthen the body to rid of infection.

Composition of formula:

huang qin 5g, huang qi10g, huo xiang 10g, fang feng 5g,

ge gen 20g, sheng gan cao 5g.

Simmer with water for 45 minutes. Use as tea. One package per day. Use for 3 days.

Lower the dosage for children. Pregnant women or people withpixu (spleen deficient) should follow the advice of herb doctors when taking this herbal tea.


The tea is being brewed and provided free by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of City of Shen Zhen, Guangdong, China for the public.


(These are common herb available in Chinese herb stores. Scroll down for Chinese writing of this formula)

Click here to see printer version of the above formula.


This tea formula is based on the two H1N1 influenza (swine flu) prevention formulae  prescribed by the Health Department of Shen Zhen City, Guangdong province of China. These formulae are for improvement the body to resist flu infection.


The 2 formulae:


Formula 1

Suitable for: those with strong body type or artificially hyper due to smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol.


ge gen15g, huang qin10g, huo xiang10g, raw yi yi ren10g, raw gan cao 5 g.

Simmer with water for 45 minutes and use as tea.


Formula 2

Suitable for:weak body type or those with instant sweating and easy to get influenza.


huang qi 20g, fang feng10g, bai zhu10g, jin yin huang10g, raw gan cao 5 g.

Simmer with water for 45 minutes and use as tea.

Click here for general information from CDC

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市衛生局組織全市中醫專家,根據人感染甲型H1N1流感的特有症狀,制定了以清熱解毒,芳香化濁,利濕透表,振奮衛陽為預 防原則,以改善體內濕熱環境,振奮衛陽之氣,抵御外邪侵襲為目的的兩種中藥預防處方。





葛根15克,黃 芩10克,藿 香10克,生薏 苡仁10克 ,生甘 草5克。


藥方名:防感湯2號 方

功效:寓清補,防止苦寒傷中,並借宣發之品,振奮衛陽,抵御外邪 。


黃耆20克 ,防 風10克,白 朮10克,金 銀花10克,生甘 草5克。


深圳市中醫院以這兩種處方為基礎,迅速熬制了防感湯向市民免費 提供。

藥方名:防感湯 (出處:深圳市衛生局,深 圳市中醫院

功效: 此方扶正祛邪,解表祛濕。


黃芩 5克,黃 耆10克,藿 香10克,防 風5克,葛 根20克,甘 草5克。


消息來源:2009年05月01日 00:01   中國日報

A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress


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