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tao ren 桃仁        (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Pharmaceutical name:


Semen Persicae

Biological name:


Prunus Persica (L) Batsch

Amygdalus davidiana(Carr.)C. de Vos ex Henry

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese:


tou4 jan4

Common Name:


peach kernel, persica



throughout China


Properties (characteristics)


bitter, sweet, neutral, slightly toxic.

苦﹐甘﹐平, 有小毒

Channels (meridians) entered:


heart, large intestine, liver, lung

心﹐大腸﹐ 肝﹐肺。

Actions & Indications:


  1. breaks up blood stasis

  2. for constipation due to dry intestines

  3. for early stage of liver cirrhosis

  4. inhibits Epstein-Barr virus [5]

  5. anti tumor [5]


  1. 消淤血。

  2. 治腸乾燥之便秘。

  3. 初期肝硬化.

  4. 抑制 Epstein-Barr 病毒[5]

  5. 抗癌[5]


Medical Function:



anti coagulation, anti hypertensive, inhibits pain, anti inflammation, detoxification, anti-allergenics,  promotes bowel movements, help reverse mild liver early stage cirrhosis.

抗凝作用。降血壓作用。鎮痛,消炎,抗過敏, 解毒,通便,緩解初期肝硬化作用。

Chemical ingredients:








Chemical ingredients: mainly consists of fat, sterol, and flavonoid.

  1. fat:  [triacyl glycerol], 88.6 ~ 92.1%; [1, 2-biacyl glycerol],   2.2 ~ 2.3%; [1, 3-biacyl  glycerol],  0.9 ~ 1.6%; [monoacyl glycerol], 0.3 ~ 1.1%; [sterol ester], 1.0 ~ 1.6% [1,2];  [phosphatidyl choline] 43.7 ~  44.7%; [phosphatidyl ethanolamine] 35.5 ~ 37.4%; [phosphatidyl serine] , 17.1 ~ 19.9%.

  2.  Steroids and glucosides: [24-methylenecyloartanol], 0.001%; [citrostadienol], 0.002%; [7-dehydroavenasterol, delta7-avenasterol], 0.002%.

  3.  animo acid and protein:aspartic acid, threonine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine, histidine , arginine, valine, and other amino acids.

  4.  Flavonoids and glucosides: (+)-catechin, prunin, hesperetin-5-O-glucoside[4], naringenin, kaempferol, hydro-kaempferol, kaempferide glucoside, quercetin glucoside[7].

  5.  Other: glucose 0.31%, fructose 0.13%, sucrose, 3.0%, methyl α-D-fructofuranoside 0.005%; methyl-β-D-glucopyranoside 0.09%; prunasin, 0.38%; amygdalin 3.49 % [3]. 0.002%; dehydrogenation oats oats steroid sterol D 7 0.002%.[methyl alpha-D-fructofuranoside], 0.005%; [methyl beta-D-glucopyranoside], 0.09%; [prunasin], 0.38%; [amygdalin] 3.49%[3].

1. 脂肪:三 酰基甘油,88.6〜92.1%,1,2-二脂酰基甘油醇,2.2〜2.3%,1,3-脂酰基甘油醇,0.9〜1.6%;單脂酰基甘油,0.3〜1.1%;甾醇酯,1.0〜1.6%1,2;磷脂 酰膽鹼43.7〜44.7%;磷脂酰乙醇胺35.5〜37.4%;磷脂酰絲氨酸,17.1〜19.9%。
2. 甾體與糖苷:24 亞甲基環水龍骨醇,0.001%;檸檬甾二烯醇,0.002%;b-谷甾醇與菜油甾醇25:1 的混合物 0.18%; 脫氫燕麥甾醇
D 7燕麥甾醇,0.002%。
3. 氨基酸和蛋白質:天門冬氨酸,蘇氨酸,谷氨酸,脯氨酸,甘氨酸,丙氨酸,蛋氨酸,異亮氨酸,亮氨酸,色氨酸,苯丙氨酸,賴氨酸,組氨酸,精氨酸,纈氨酸,等多種氨基酸。
4. 黃酮及糖苷:(+)-兒茶酚, 洋李苷,橙皮素-5-O-葡萄糖苷[4],柚皮素,山柰葡萄糖 苷,二氫山柰酚,山奈素葡萄糖苷,槲皮素葡萄糖 苷[7]。
5. 其他:葡萄糖0.31%,蔗糖3.0%果糖0.13%,甲基α-D-呋喃果糖苷,0.005%;甲基β-D-吡 喃葡糖苷,0.09%; 野黑櫻桃甙,0.38%;苦杏仁苷 3.49%[3]。0.002%; 脫氫燕麥甾醇
D 7燕麥甾,0.002%。



4.5 to 9  g. Should not be broken into small pieces until dispensed.

4.5 ~ 9  克。應用時才好將桃仁打碎。

Samples of formulae:


  1. tao he chen qi tang,  

  2. tao ren tang,

  3. shu jing huo xue tang,


  1. 桃核承氣湯

  2. 桃仁湯

  3. 舒經活血湯

Modern Research:

Anti-tumor promoting effect of glycosides from Prunus persica seeds. [5]

桃仁的糖苷有抗癌作用。 【5】


Not to use in case of anemia or during pregnancy. Raw tao ren is toxic.

Use with care in cases of xue zao, xue xu (blood deficient) [7]

1.Use with care in cases of xue zao,  xue xu (blood deficient).【7】

2. Where amenorrhea barrier due xue ku not due to blood stasis; postpartum abdominal pain due to  xue xu (blood deficient) , rather than blood caking up; constipation due to insufficient fluid, rather than due to xue zao These are cases to avoid using this herb, tao ren.

3. Use with care in cases of loose stool. This herb is toxic. Do not overdose.
1. 血燥血虛者慎之。【7】

2.凡經閉不通由於 血枯,而不由於瘀滯;  產後腹痛由於血虛,而不由於留血結塊; 大便不通由於津液不足,而不由於血燥秘結,法並忌之。【6】
3. 便溏者慎用。本品有毒,不可過量。


[1] - [4]  Click here for research librarian

[5] 2003 Feb;26(2):271-3.

[6] Ben Cao Jing Shu 本草經疏

[7] Yixue Ru Men 醫學入門

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