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tao ren tang 桃仁湯    (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


Name of Formula: tao ren tang

Application: removing blood stasis.


tao ren 12 g, su mu 12 g, sheng di huang 6 g, meng chong (remove legs and wings, stir fry) 30 pieces, shui zhi 30 (stir fry)

Make into decoction with water. Use as tea.

Warning: Do not use if patient is on blood thinning drugs like warfarin or heparin. Do not use this formula unless you are well trained and experienced in diagnostics.

桃仁湯 (景岳全書 )

主治﹕ 血淤

桃仁蘇木,各三錢。生地黃 錢半。虻蟲 去足翅炒,水蛭炒,各三十個。


注意﹕不可抗凝血藥如﹕warfarin (苯甲香豆醇鈉)heparin (肝素)同用。沒有淤血者不可用。除非有豐富診斷之經驗﹐不可隨意用此方。


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