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The Three Dan Tian in One Exercise


Taught by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Recorded by: Joe Broda (Joe Broda of San Jose, California is a special education teacher)

Objective:  Using the mind to direct the qi to target areas.

            First build qi in the general dan tian.  Then send to

the middle dan tian, which is located on

an imaginary line 1/3 of the distance from

the Sea of Qi (one and a half inches below the navel)

to the Gate of Life (a point directly across

from the navel on the back).

            From the middle dan tian, send the qi to the

upper dan tian, which is the point of inter-

section of a horizontal line drawn from between

the eyebrows and a vertical line coming downwards

from the point on the top of the head where the

three bones meet.

              Send the qi back to the middle dan tian and

down to the lower dan tian, located at the perineum

(the region between the anus and the genitals).

Repeat the exercise, sending the qi back to the

middle dan tian, then to the upper one, middle again

and down to the lower one.


 After mastering this, See the next step here.

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