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Thrombocytosis (Excess Platelets)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu          按 此 看 中 文

Thrombocytosis is a condition in which the body produces excess number of platelets. The complications of thrombocytosis may include strokes, heart attacks , bleeding or blood clots.

Thrombocytosis is classified into:

(1) Primary thrombocytosis also called essential thrombocythemia, is a single disease entity, which is not caused by other health problems.

(2) Secondary thrombocytosis can be caused by other health problems, such as: chronic inflammation, severe bleeding, iron deficiency, stress, surgery, medication, osteoporosis, splenectomy, anemia, polycythemia vera (splenomegalic polycythemia, Vaquez-Osler syndrome, erythremia), and cancer.

Some patients may die as a result of blood clots or uncontrolled bleeding but many patients with thrombocytosis remain symptom free for long periods of time.

Chinese Herb Therapy

Formula 1

Name of formula: shui zhi tang

Usage: high pressure of the portal vein; increase of platelet counts after splenectomy.


shui zhi 18 g (smashed), meng chong  9 g, di bie chong 9 g,

tao ren 9 g, dan pi 9 g, chi shao yao 15 g, large sheng di 15 g,

sheng pu huang 15 g (wrapped), sheng wu ling zhi 15 g.

Boil with water. Use as tea.


Among eighteen patients,  ten of them  showed that the platelet count started to go down after 2 dosages, and three of them showed that the platelet count started to go down after 3 dosages.

Source of formula: Qin Liang Fu, Ren Ji Hospital, of 2nd Medical School of Shanghai, China.


See next page: Complementary Therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine.

More formulae to be loaded soon. If you need them in a hurry, please contact the research librarian.

Also see Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia 

水 蛭 湯

功 能 ﹕

 破 血 , 涼 血 。  主 治 門 靜 脈 高 壓 , 脾 臟 切 除 後 血 小 板 增 多 。

處 方 ﹕

水蛭  18 克 ( 打 ), 虻 蟲  9 克 ,地 蟞 蟲 9克 ,桃 仁 9克 ,丹 皮 9克 ,赤 芍 15克 ,大 生 地 15克 ,生蒲 黃  15克 (包 ), 生 五 靈 脂 15克 。 水 煎 服 。

療 效 ﹕18     例 , 血 小 板 增 多 迅 速 呈 明 顯 減 慢 。

有 10 例 服 藥 2 劑 後 開 始 下 降 。  有 5 例 服 3 劑 後 下 降 。

處 方 來 源 ﹕ 上 海 第 二 醫 科 大 學 , 附 屬 仁 濟

醫 院 , 秦 亮 甫 。

按 此 看 中 西 結 合 治 療 法



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