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Urination Difficulty due to Prostate Enlargement


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu      (Formulae in English and Chinese 中英文)


As men grow older about 50% of 55 years old suffer from prostate enlargement and by the time men reach 80 years old, more than 75% of them suffer from prostate enlargement.

Traditionally, surgery is the main solution but more and more patients are selecting non surgery treatments.

One of the main causes is that testosterone turns into excess dihydrotestosterone which stimulate the cells of the prostate glands and causes the cells to multiply which causes the enlargement of the prostate glands. Urinary tract infection or prostate inflammation,  or blood circulation stasis in the pelvic area also can make the symptoms worse.

The medication available for prostate enlargement mainly falls under the following categories:

1. adrenergic blocker

2. reductase inhibitors

3. leuteinization stimulating hormone

4. anti cholestrol drugs

5. anti testosterone drugs

6. herbal remedies


Certain herbal remedies can possess the functions of the above medications.

Listed below are some Chinese herb formulas for different syndromes:

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Formula # 1: For conditions of qixu (qi deficient) 氣虛, shenxu (kidney deficient) 腎虛 , yinxu (yin deficient) 陰虛 yangxu (yang deficient) 陽虛,  and yu is  heavy and urination difficulty

Formula # 2: For conditions of shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient)  腎陰虛 and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient)腎陽虛 and urination difficulty

Formula # 3: For conditions of shenxu (kidney deficient) 腎虛  and xue yu (blood stasis) 血 瘀

Formula # 4: For xue yu (blood stasis) 血 瘀, damp-heat 濕熱 syndrome.

Formula # 5: For pixu (spleen deficient)脾 虛and shenxu (kidney deficient) 腎虛 condition and prostate enlargement

Formula #1 For conditions of qixu (qi deficient) 氣虛, shenxu (kidney deficient) 腎虛 , yinxu (yin deficient) 陰虛 yangxu (yang deficient)陽虛,  and blood stasis is  heavy and urination difficulty:                                                                   

huang qi 10 g, liu ji nu 10 g, shu di 10, shan yao 12, shan zhu yu 8 g, hu po 10 g, chen xiang 1 g, wang bu liu xing 12 g.

If blood stasis  is serious, add rou gui 2 g, dan pi 12 g.

If yangxu (yang deficient) , add xian ling pi 10 g, lu jiao shuang 10 g.

If wet heat is heavy, add bai jiang cao 12 g, chi shao 12 g.

Boil with water. Simmer for 25 minutes. One prescription a day.

Make into 3 servings.

Note: the weight of herbs is edited by the editor to be used as


Please see footnote.

See shenyangxu

Links back to impotence:


shenxu (kidney channel deficiency) 腎虚陽萎


ming men lacks fire 命門火衰


heart and spleen (meridians) weakened from over work 勞損心脾


emotional injuries 情 绪損傷


damp heat settlement 濕熱下注


liver qi stagnation (depression) 肝氣鬱 結


Clot blood obstruction 血淤阻礙


shenyinxu (kidney yin deficiency) 腎陰虚


sclerosis of the liver    肝硬化


hypertension 血壓高


Prostate Enlargement 前列腺肥大



黃耆 10 克﹐劉 寄奴 10 克﹐熟 地 10 克﹐山藥 12 克 ﹐山 茱萸 8 克﹐

琥 珀 10 克﹐沉 香 1 克﹐王 不留行 12 克。


血淤甚 者: 肉桂 2 克﹐丹 皮 12 克。

陽虛: 仙靈脾 10 克﹐鹿 角霜 10 克。

下焦濕熱: 敗 醬草 12 克﹐赤 勺 12 克。

SOURCE: Zhu Liang Chun


Formula #2 for conditions of both shenyinxu and shenyangxu  (conditions of kidney yin and kidney yang both deficient):     

 shu di 4 qian, huai shan 3 qian, shan zhu yu 4 qian, dan pi 3 qian, ze xie 4 qian, tu si zii 1 liang, sang shen 5 qian, fu pen zi 3 qian, huang bai 3 qian, zhi mu 1.5 qian, niu xi 3 qian, shi chang pu 3 qian.

Boil with 3000 cc of water. Simmer till 1000 cc is left.

Make into

5 servings.

One prescription a day.

1 qian = 3.75 g (old measurement)

Source: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  




熟地四 錢﹐淮山藥三錢﹐山 茱萸四錢﹐丹 皮三錢﹐澤瀉四錢﹐菟 絲子一兩﹐桑椹五 錢﹐覆 盆子三錢﹐黄 柏三錢﹐知 母錢半﹐牛 膝 三錢﹐石 菖蒲三錢。

加水3000 cc。煎至1000 cc。分五份﹐溫服。

一錢 = 3.75克 (舊制)

來源: 朱興國    


Formula #3 for enlargement of prostate with conditions of shenxu and xue yu (blood stasis)


zhi mu, huang po, niu xi 20 g each, dan shen 30 g, da huang 12 g, yi mu cao 50 g

Boil with water. Used as tea.

This formula has been used by 80 patients.

Effective rate was 86.3%.

Source of formula:



處方﹕知 母黃柏牛 膝 各 20 克﹐丹參 30 克﹐大黃   12 克 ﹐益 母草 50 克。 加水1600 cc。

煎取 700 cc。分三次﹐溫服。

治療 80 例。總有效 86.3%。             


Formula #4: For blood stasis, damp heat



dan pi 7 g, cang zhu 7 g, dong gua zi 18 g, yi yi ren 40 g, tu fu ling 18 g. Add 2000 cc of water and simmer till 700 cc

is left. Drink as tea.

血 瘀濕 熱

處 方 ﹕

牡 丹 皮 7 克  ,  蒼 朮 7 克  ,  冬 瓜 子 18克 ,   薏 米 40 克  ﹐ 土 茯 苓 18 克 。

 水 2000 cc, 煎 成 700 cc 。 分三份﹐溫服。


Formula #5: For pixu and shenxu condition and prostate enlargement


xian ling pi  10  g,  nu zhen zi 9 g,   qi zi  10 g, jin ying zi 9 g,

 ren shen 6 g,   huang qi 10 g, huang jing 10 g.

Add 1200 cc of water and simmer till 500 cc is left.

Make into 2 servings. Drink while warm.   

If prostate enlargement is the result of  shenxu (kidney deficient) conditions, the patients may also show zinc deficiency.

See food high in zinc.



功能補腎健脾、益氣通淋,用治脾 虛所致的前列腺增生症.


仙靈脾 10 g、女貞子 9 g、枸杞子 10 g、金 櫻子9 g、

人參 6 g、黃耆 10 g、黃 精 10 g。

加水1400 cc。以慢火煎至 600 cc。 分兩份﹐溫服。



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