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Vertigo 眩暈     (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by:  Joe Hing Kwok Chu               按此看中文。

Vertigo is not a disease but a symptom:  dizziness, a sensation that things around a person are moving, a seasick-type of feeling, different from fainting in that a person doesn't actually pass out.  Behind the symptom, there can be serious problems.

  1. Meniere's  Disease:  This is a common type of vertigo. Often, however, many vertigo cases are incorrectly called Meniere's Disease. Patients with Meniere's Disease show drastic classical symptoms of vertigo and they continue for more than 20 minutes, or even up to several hours. Before the attacks the patients have difficulty in hearing, the sensation of plugged-up ears and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Lack of sleep, stress, being overly busy, or eating salty food may trigger this problem. There is  pressure in the inner ears caused by a build up of lymphatic fluid (also called water retention in the inner ear). Every time this type of vertigo happens, the hearing becomes gradually weaker . No treatment currently exists to cure Ménière’s disease, only to manage it. Certain Qigong therapy is effective.

  2. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo:  This type of vertigo mostly happens in middle-aged people. Typically it occurs during movements such as lying down or getting up from bed, or turning from side-to-side while lying down. In some patients, it occurs only in a certain direction, such as turning the head to the left while lying down. This type of vertigo does not have symptoms related to hearing. Usually it will heal in 2 to 3 weeks, though it may recur after a certain period of time. Most people think this problem is caused by the detachment of the otoconia (a type of inner ear problem). Drug treatment for this type of vertigo is not effective. Usually physical therapy is used, or a patient can wait for it to heal by itself. Qigong therapy is effective. See  qigong classes.

  3. Another type of vertical is caused by functional problems such as Circulatory Problems. Vestibular artery blockages can cause vertigo; these blockages commonly occur in patients over 50 years old, especially in people with high lipid, hypertension or diabetes.  Low blood pressure caused by shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) condition also can cause vertigo. The condition of shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient)   can also cause vertigo. Certain combinations of Qigong therapy and  Chinese herb therapy are effective. See this report.

  4. Vestibular Neuronitis:  This type of vertigo usually happens after influenza infections because the vestibular neurons have been attacked by the virus. The vertigo can happen within one or two days with symptoms gradually becoming more serious, continuing for a week or so and then gradually subsiding. In older patients it may take a few months or more than a year to recover or even may not recover without treatment.. This type of vertigo does not appear very frequently.  See Chinese herb treatment.

  5. Idiopathic utriculus atrophy,

  6. Labyrinthine concussion,

  7. Chronic otitis media

  8. Sequela of stapedectomy,

See  qigong classes


  1. 「良性陣發性頭位性眩暈」 常發生在中年人中。發生於躺下或是起床的動作,或是躺著時翻身時會發生大約一分鐘不到的眩暈,有些人會有特定的方向,比如:躺下去頭向左邊才會發生,沒有聽覺症狀,通常在2~3個星內會自行痊癒。可是過了一段時間可能會再發。引起原因 是內耳耳石脫落引起,藥物沒有效果。可以等它自行痊癒或是作物理治療。

  2. 「梅尼爾氏病」。 這種眩暈症較常見。這種病常被套用在所有的眩暈症上,其實是是錯誤的。梅尼爾氏病典型的症狀﹕ 眩暈發作得非常劇烈而且持續時間很久,20分鐘以上甚至好幾個小時。最特別的是,病人在暈前有耳聾或耳塞感而且耳鳴加重。忙碌、睡眠缺乏、壓力過大或是飲食中鹽分攝取多時,容易發病,這是因為內耳裡面的內淋巴壓力過大,又稱為「內耳積水」,病人的聽力會隨著眩暈發作次數而逐漸減退,目前尚沒有效治療藥物。 練習某種氣功有效。

  3. 「前庭神經炎」,這種病常在感冒後發生,因為病毒侵犯了平衡神經。 眩暈會在一兩天內慢慢加重持續到一個星期左右,才會漸漸減緩。如果病人年紀稍大有時需要數個月甚至年餘還不能恢復。 按此看用中藥治療法。

  4. 「循環障礙性眩暈」, 包括「前庭動脈阻塞」 ﹕ 常發生在50歲以上的老年人,尤其有血脂肪過高、高血壓、糖尿病者。血壓過低常因腎陽虛 所引起﹐也可致眩暈。腎陰虛 也能引起眩暈。 練習某種氣功有效。 按此看練習氣功減低中風機率

  5. 「自發性橢圓囊退化」

  6. 「頭部外傷所引起之迷路震盪」

  7. 慢性中耳炎

  8. 「中耳鐙骨手術後」

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