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wang bu liu xing 王不留行         (in English and Chinese)


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Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Present day applications:

現代應 用:

For acute inflammation of the mammary gland.


For lack of milk.


For neuraligia of the rib cage.


For early stage acute mastitis:  "stuffing nose method". Use: wang bu liu xing 15 pieces, raw ban xia 1/2 piece, bai jie zi 5 pieces, raw ginger. Smash it in 2 layers of gauze and make it into an oblong shape. Insert into the opposite nostril of where the tumor is. Once a day, 2 - 3 hours each time. Generally in 1 day the symptoms are relieved. "In 3 to 5 days, it can be healed.." If pus is form. It has to be drained and do not use this therapy.

乳癰初起﹕塞鼻法: 王不留行15粒﹐生半 夏1~2粒﹐白芥 子5粒﹐生薑適量﹐搗碎。搗入兩層紗布內。 卷成條。塞入有病的對邊鼻孔內。每天一次。每次2~3小時。一般在一天之內症狀可以減輕。3~5天痊癒。若膿腫已形成,則須切開排膿,不宜用本法。

For treatment of herpes zoster (shingles):

  1. Formula 1:wang bu liu xing 30 g, eggs 1 or 2 . Use low heat to bake wang bu liu xing into yellow-brownish color (not char). Grind into powder. Pour out the egg white and mix with the herbs. Make it into a paste and apply to the affected area 3 times a day.
  2. Formula 2: wang bu liu xing 12 g. Using low heat, stir fry until "popped". Mix with sesame oil and make into paste. Apply to the affected area 2 - 3 times a day. If the blister is already broken, the herbs can be sprinkled directly onto the area. Results: 13 patients, Usually after 10 - 20 minutes, the pain obviously goes down. In 1-2 days, scabs are formed. In 3-5 days, the scabs fall off and skin heals. No side effects.

帶狀泡疹 (生蛇 ):

  1. 王不留行30克﹐用 低溫 烘乾 (不要燒焦)﹐研成粉﹐雞蛋一﹐兩粒﹐取蛋白調敷於患處 。每天三次。
  2. 另一方﹕王不留行12克﹐低溫炒制爆裂。研末。麻油調 敷於患處。每天二﹐三次。療效﹕十三個病人。一般於1-~20分鐘後﹐痛覺開始減輕。1~2天後痂開始形成。3~5天後痂脫落而痊癒。

Pharmaceutical name:


Semen Vaccariae

Botanical name:


Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke

Saponaria vaccaris Host.

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese:


wong4 bat1 lau4 hang4

Other Names:


mai lan zi 麥藍子,  bu liu xing 不留行

Common Name:


cowherb seed, vaccaria seed



Originally grown in Europe, now in northern part of China.





Bitter, Sweet, Acrid, Neutral


Channels (meridians) entered:



liver, stomach.


Medical functions:




 Anti-early pregnancy. Increases the cAMP of  plasma and also the tissue of the uterus. Potential to prevent fertilization.

Using the seed of wang bu liu xing, with the pressure point of the ear, can constrict the gall bladder.

Sub-clinically is used for expelling stones in the gall bladder. By applying the pressure point of the ear, the gall bladder excretes bile and also expels the smallest stones into the intestine.

Actions & Indications:


For cuts and open wounds.  治創傷。

To extract thorns and splinters.  幫助抽出木刺。

To promote flow of menses.  通月經。

To promote urination.  利尿。

For boils. 治瘡。

For pain caused by overabundance of mother's milk.  止痛﹕乳汁過多腫痛。

For lack of milk or milk not flowing (used as lactagogue.) 利乳。

For amenorrhea. 治閉經。

Chemical ingredients:


1. ﹐D-glucose D-葡萄糖, L-arabinose L-阿拉伯糖, D-xylose D-木糖, L-fucose L-岩 藻糖 ﹐LL-rhamnose  LL-鼠李糖

2. ﹐1, 8-dihydroxy-3, 5-dimethoxy-xanthon-7-carboxylic acid, sapxanthone

3. ﹐vacsegoside 王不留行皂苷﹐gypsogenin 絲石竹皂苷﹐



4.5~9 g

4.5~9 克。

Samples of formulae


For lack of milk or milk not flowing,:

Formula 1: wang bu liu xing 8 g, chuan shan jia (baked) 8 g, ju mai 8 g, mai dong 8 g. Add 600 cc water. Simmer down to 200 cc. Make into 3 servings, taken with yellow  rice wine 3 times a day.

Formula 2: lean pork 150 g, wang bu liu xing 12 g, huang qi 22 g Make into soup.

乳汁缺少:  王不留行8克﹐穿 山甲 (炒) 8克﹐瞿 麥 8克麥 冬 8克。加水600毫升 。煎成200毫升。加黃酒。分成三份。每天服用三次。每次一份。

另一方﹕王不留行12克﹐黃 耆 22 克。水煎 服。

Modern Research:


wang bu liu xing can inhibit Ehrlich ascites cancer and lung cancer.


Toxicity & Cautions:


Use care in cases of pregnancy.


 For early stage breast cancer: The effective therapy is to remove tumors before it spread, usually before the tumors reach 4mm, according to a famous oncologist Richard Dorsay M.D. of U.S.A. The above formula is for acute mastitis, not for cancer.


偽品:野牡丹科 ( Melastomaceae ) 植物 野牡丹Melastoma candidum 的根。





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