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xing su san 杏蘇散

 by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    按此看中文。


Name of Formula: xing su san   (source: Wen Bing Tiao Bian)


wind cold type of cough: thin watery phlegm, headache, stuffy nose, clear mucus, dislike of cold temperature, fever.



zi su 9 g, ban xia 9 g, fu ling 9 g, qian hu 9 g,  jie geng 6 g, zhi ke 6 g, gan cao 9 g, sheng jiang 9 g, da zao 3 pieces, xing ren 9 g, chen pi 6 g.

Boil with water and use as tea.


Adjustment of Formula:

If fever is high: add chai hu, huang qin.

If vomiting: add huo xiang, zhu ru.

If headache is severe: add gao ben.


Avoid the cold type of food, like: mung bean, crab, clams, water snail, snails,persimmons, citrus (like pamelos, grapefruit, oranges, mandarin etc), bananas, kiwis, sugar cane, water melons, sweet melons, bitter melons, water chestnuts, arrowhead, kelp, raw daikon, egg plants, Artemisia Selengensis, lotus roots,  winter melons,  loofah (Chinese okra), sweet potatoes, and any food high in histamine.


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藥方名:杏蘇散 《 方源:温病條辨 》



紫 蘇 9 g, 半 夏 9 g,茯 苓 9 g,前 胡 9 g, 桔 梗 6 g,枳 殼 6 g,甘 草 9 g,生 薑 9 g,大 棗 3枚,杏 仁 9 g,陳 皮 6 g


熱甚加柴胡黃 芩


頭痛甚加 。


食療:風 寒咳嗽者可用杏 仁10克,生 薑 3片,白蘿蔔100克 水煎服。

避免以下性寒涼 的食物:

綠豆,螃蟹,蚌肉,田螺,蝸牛,柿子, 柚子( 柑橘類),香蕉,獼猴桃甘蔗,西瓜,甜瓜,苦瓜,荸薺 ,慈姑,海帶,紫菜,生蘿蔔,茄 子,蘆蒿,藕 ,冬瓜,絲瓜,地瓜與胺高的食物。  



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