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Chinese Herb Formula for Yeast Infection   白帶

Compiled and Edited By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu              按此看中文

Vagina yeast infection herb formula # 2

Name of Formula: Wan Dai Tang

Diagnostics: damp-heat  dampness is high and fire is weak, liver qi stagnation  and pixu (spleen deficient)


tu chao bai zhu 38 g, chao shan yao 38 g,  ren shen 7.5 g,  chao bai shao 19 g,

che qian zi 11 g,  zhi cang zhu 11 g,  gan cao 4 g, chen pi 2 g, hei jing jie 2 g,

chai hu   2 g  

Boil with water. Make into 2 serving. Take 2 servings per day. Add water and re-boil the herb next day.  Take 6 packages in 12 days.

Warning: In case of bacteria infection, do not use this formula.

If the yeast infection is not clear by then use the formula, gu zhen tang

Name of Formula: gu zhen tang


ren shen  7.5 g,  ju pi ( including the white portion) 2 g,  dry powder of ginger 7.5 g,

bai kui hua 16 pieces (with calyx removed)chai hu 4 g, zhi gan cao 4 g,  yu li ren (ground) 4 g, sheng (raw)  huang qin 4 g ( separated from the rest of herbs)

Boil all herbs, except sheng huang qin, with 1000 cc of water till 600 cc. Add sheng huang qin and boil till 350 cc. Drink while warm, before meal. After a few minutes, eat breakfast.

Vagina yeast infection herb formula # 3:


huo xiang 15 g, da fu pi 18.75 g,  su ye 11.25 g, zhi gan cao 11.25 g,

chen pi 7.5 g, fu ling 11.25 g, dang shen 11.25 g, bai zhu 15 g,

hou po 11.25 g, mu xiang 18.75 g, fa xia 15 g,  shen qu 7.5 g,

 mai ya 18.75 g, sheng jiang 15 g, da zao 4 pieces.

Boil with water. One prescription a day. Make into 2 serving. Take it 

half hour before meals.

Vagina yeast infection herb formula # 4


shen qu, cang zhu,  ju pi, hou pu,  mai ya, 14 g each, gan cao 10 g.

Mix and grind into fine powder. Take 3 to 6 g per day. Three times

per day. Take with warm boiled water.


Vagina yeast infection herb formula # 5

For bad digestion, flatulence: whole shi liu 24 g,bi po 6 g,rou gui, bai dou kou, black seed, zi lu sha, black pepper, gan jian 3 g each. Make into powder.

Use 1.5 g to 3 g each time, 1 to 2 times per day. Take with rock sugar water. (Source: Mongolian Medical Formulae Compilation)

Editor's note: If there is shi re  (damp heat), do not use sugar.


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方名﹕完帶方《方源:傅青主女科 》

證見﹕    濕熱, 濕盛火弱﹐ 肝氣鬱結 兼有 脾虛

炒白术 38 g, 炒山药 38 g,  人参 7.5 g,  炒白芍 19 g,

前子 11 g,  制蒼术 11 g,  甘草 4 g, 2 g, 黑荆芥 2 g,

柴胡   2 g  






治 傷 食 , 腹 漲 , 腹 痛 , 下 痢

方 三 

藿香 15 g , 大腹皮 18.75 g , 蘇葉 11.25 g , 炙草 11.25 g ,

7.5 g茯 苓 11.25 g , 黨參 11.25 g ,  白朮 15 g ,

厚 樸11.25 g , 18.75 g ,  法夏 15 g , 神麴   7.5 g

 麥芽 18.75 g , 生姜 15 g ,  大棗 四 枚 。

水 煎 服 。 每 日 一 劑 。 分 二 次 , 飯 前 半 小 時 服 。


治 傷 食 , 腹 漲 , 腹 痛 , 下 痢

方 四   

 神麴蒼 朮  厚 樸  , 麥芽 14  g,  ,

甘草 10  g,  。 共 研 細 末 。 每 天 服 3  6  g,  ,

分 三 回 服 。 用 開 水 送 服 。




治胃火衰敗,胃腸脹滿全石 榴24g,蓽 撥6g,肉桂白豆蔻、黑種草子、紫滷砂、胡椒、乾 薑各3g。制成散劑。每次1.5~3g,每日1~2次,冰糖水送服。《蒙醫藥方匯編》 (編者按:如有濕 熱不宜用糖)




 7.5 g,  ( 連同白色部分) 2 g,  7.5 g,

葵花(去萼)16 柴胡 4 g, 炙甘草 4 g,  鬱李仁 (去皮尖,研) 4 g,

黄芩 4 g




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