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yi yi ren 薏苡仁,

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Pharmaceutical name:


Semen coicis

Biological name: 拉丁名:

 Coix lacryma-jobi, Linn.

Pron. in Japanese: 日語發音


Pron. in Korean:

韓語 發音:


Pron. in Cantonese:



Other Names :


 yi mi ren 薏米仁﹐yi ren 苡仁﹐mi ren 米仁

Common Name:





South east Asia, Taiwan and Mainland China.

原產於越南 ﹐ 泰國﹐印度﹐緬甸等東南亞一帶(1)。 東漢光武帝建武19(西 元43)馬 援將軍從越南引入中原(2), 目前主要栽培於東南亞及中國福 建, 河北,遼寧,江蘇,浙江等地。

Properties (characteristics)


sweet, bland, slightly cool


Channels (meridians) entered:


spleen, stomach, lung


Actions & Indications: 主治:

For improving digestion, enhancing the lung function, ridding of bacterial or fungal infection, arresting pain and itchiness. For treatment of  spastic muscles,  arthritis pain in joints and muscular rigidity. beri-beri and edema, vagina yeast infection, stones in the urinary tract, neualgia, difficulty in urination, lung abscess, gonorrhea, restless leg syndrome.

Use raw yi yi ren for infection. Use stir fried yi yi ren for improving digestion.

健 脾 , 補 肺 清 熱 , 去 風 利 濕 止癢 。筋 脈 拘 攣 , 屈 伸 不 利 , 濕 痺 ,腳 氣 水 腫 脾虚泄 瀉 白 帶 , 腎結石,膀胱結石,神經痛,小 便 不 利 ,肺 癰 , 淋 濁 ,不安腿症候群

清利濕熱宜生用。 健脾宜炒用。

Medical function:






1. sedative, analgesic and antipyretic

2. effect of oil of yi yi ren on breathing: small amount can stimulate breathing but large amount can suppress it.

3. effect of oil of yi yi ren on ex vitro heart of frog: small amount can stimulate but large amount can suppress it.

4. effect of oil of yi yi ren on striated muscles of frog: small amount can stimulate but large amount can suppress it.

5. anti cancer:an active ingredient, Coixenolide is an effective therapy for Ehrlich ascites sarcoma.

6. Promotes contraction of uterus: this herb stimulate the uteri of guinea pigs. It increases the tension of the uteri, increases the sizes of the vibration wave, and promotes the contraction of the uteri. Epinephrine can inhibit its effect. Thus yi yi ren should not be used by pregnant women.


  1. 鎮靜鎮痛解熱作用

  2. 呼吸功能薏苡仁油對呼吸小量興奮,大量痲痹【中 樞性】。

  3. 心血管作用低濃度薏苡仁油對蛙的離體心臟有興奮 作用,高濃度則反之。

  4. 肌肉作用低濃度薏苡仁油對蛙的骨骼肌和末梢神經 有興奮作用,高濃度則反之。

  5. 抗癌作用 薏苡酯 (Coixenolide﹐C38H70O4) 對歐氏腹水腫 (Ehrlich ascites sarcoma) 有效。

  6. 促進子宮收縮的作用: 薏苡仁對豚 鼠子宮呈興奮作用,使子宮緊張度增加、振幅增大,能促進子宮收縮的作用,但腎上腺素可以反其抑制作用,所 以懷孕婦女忌用薏苡仁

Samples of formulae:




For chronic arthritis: yi yi ren tang

For muscle and joint pain: ma xing yin gan tang

For chronic infection with puss: yi yi fu zi bai jiang san

For appendicitis: chang yong tang

For stones in the urinary tract: zhu ling tang add yi yi ren

For hydrocele of tunica vaginalis: bian xu 30 g, yi yi ren 30 g. Make into decoction.  One dose per day. 7 days is one therapy period.  [3]

治慢性關節 炎﹕薏苡仁湯
薏苡附子敗醬 散

治療鞘膜積液:扁 蓄 30g,生薏苡仁 30g,水煎服,日1劑。7天為1療程。【3】

Chemical ingredients:




I. Seed contain:

  1. 51.9% of starch,

  2. 17.6% of protein,  ﹐

  3. 7.2% of oil ﹐

  4. Palmitic acid,

  5. Myristic acid﹐

  6. Coixenolide,

II. Root contains coixol. ( C8H7O3N)

  1. 種子含: 澱粉  51.9%, 蛋白質 17.6%   ,棕櫚酸  ﹐ 肉 豆 蔻 酸  , 薏苡酯  ,脂肪油 7.2% (oil),

  2. 薏苡根: 含有薏苡素( C8H7O3N)



18 g to 38 g, in decoction.

18 克至38克, 煎服。



  1. Not  for long term usage in cases of deficiency (weakness) and coldness.

  2.  In cases of pixu (spleen deficient) with loose stool, use stir  fried yi yi ren.

  3. Use caution during pregnancy.


  1. 脾虛便 溏者用炒苡 仁。

  2. 大虛大寒者不 宜久用。

  3. 孕婦慎服。


曾有報導粱米假冒,二者來源,功效均不相 同,不可混用。 也有用大麥假冒的。

作者在美國的華人超级市場看到在包娤上英文寫 Pearl Barley 而 中 文寫薏米。包装中是;去 殼大麥 (Hordeum vulgare L.)。不能當薏米用 。也 有在包娤上英文寫 Pearl Barley 而中文寫薏米。但是包装中是薏米。不是去 殼大麥。 也看 到在包娤上英文寫 Pearl Barley 而中 文寫洋薏米。其實大麥和薏米完全没關係。所以購買者須看清楚包装内是什麽。


薏苡台中1號 之育成曾 勝雄 高德錚

1 .  星川清親 1980 新編食用作物 15 p.386~391 養賢堂 東京。

2.  江 文章 張子文 1991 薏苡的食療與加工利用 p.1~12 中國飲食文化學術研討會專輯

    中國飲食文化基 金會。

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