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zh m gēn 苧麻根   (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Zh M Gěng 苧麻

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

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Pharmaceutical name:


Radix Boehmeriae Niveae

Pron. in Japanese:

日語發 音﹕


Pron. in Korean:

韓語發 音﹕


Botanical name:


Boehmeria nivea Hook. et Arn.;

Pron. in Cantonese:


cyu5 maa4 gan1

Other Names:


ye zhu ma 野苧麻,  ye zhu ma gen 野苧麻根,  yin ma gen 银麻根,  zhu gen 苧根,  zhu ma tou 苧麻,  bai ma gen 白麻根,  yuan ma gen 圆麻根,  shan zhu gen 山 苧根 .

Common Name:


China grass, ramie, blanche, Chinese silkplant,  ramie de Chine, namban kara mushi, rami, ortiga blanca, ramio, white ramie


產地 ﹕

mainly produced in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui.

主產浙江,江蘇,安徽, 河南,山東,




bitter and sweet, slippery, cool and non-toxic

苦 ,甘,滑,冷,無毒。

Channels (meridians) entered:


heart, liver.


Medical functions:



Effect of inhibiting Staphylococcus aureus

Arrest bleeding

Chlorogenic acid possesses anti-cancer property.


有抑制金黃葡萄球菌之作用 。


綠 原酸藥 理作用:具有抗致癌物質活性作

Actions & Indications:


Roots and leaves are being used as diuretics, fetus protection and heat expeller. cold and influenza with fever, measles with high fever,   Roots and leaves are used in  treatment of gonorrhea,  infections of urinary tract, bleeding of the urinary tract due to infection, blood in stool, inflammation of  the anus, prolapse of the rectum, inflammation of the uterus, and vagina yeast infection, fetal movement , bleeding .

Root also can be used as external application as paste or as material for tea.

Stems: for rid of bruises and rid of toxin. Being used in cuts and impact injuries, broken bones, measles, boils and swelling, erysipelas (St. Anthony's fire). 《source: Zhong Hua Ben Cao  》

效 用: 利尿解热,安胎


根與葉:功能 驅熱,安胎。用於感冒發熱,麻疹高燒,尿感 染,腎炎水腫,孕婦腹痛,胎動不安,先兆流 産,跌打損傷,骨折,瘡瘍腫痛,出血性疾病, 消渴,感染之尿血 ,肛門發炎, 脫肛 ,子宮炎 ,白帶,下血。

苧麻: 功能散瘀;解毒。主治: 金瘡折損;痘瘡;癰腫;丹毒。《 來源:中華本草  》

Chemical ingredients:


 The root contains phenols, triterpenoids (or sterols),  emodin, chlorogenic acid.

Whole plant and seeds contain hydrocyanic acid.

根含酚類、三萜(或甾醇)、綠原酸, 大黄素。全草和種子含氫氰酸。



Taken internally: for decoction 6 - 10 g. fresh root, 10~30 grams.

External application: use appropriate amount.

湯 内服 6-10 g. 鮮 藥 ﹕ 10-30克。

外 用量。

Samples of formulae:

處 方舉例﹕

gu shen an tai yin, for stabilizing pregnancies.

Formulae for snoring in elderly

Treatment of bleeding disorders. Make zhu ma (including roots, stems, leaves) into pill form. Each pill was equivalent to the 10 grams of zhu ma raw herb. 4 to 8 pills were taken every day,  3 to 4 times a day, for  treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding of unknown pathogens,  for bleeding ulcer, and for pulmonary hemoptysis, etc. Bleeding periods were shortened and the amount of bleeding were decreased.[1]

For treatment of vagina bleeding: zhu ma gen 150 g, root of ai 100 g, pig kidneys 1 pair (chop), sweet rice wine 50 c.c., salt small amount. Make into decoction. Take orally. One dose per day. Vagina bleeding: 83 cases.

Among them:

64 cases were caused by after inserting birth control rings and effective cases were 62;

19 cases were caused by  abortions and all were effective.

Total effectiveness was 97.6%.[2]



治療經漏。苧麻根150克 五月100克 ,豬腎(切碎)一對,糯米50酒毫升,鹽少許,水煎,喝 湯吃肉,每天1劑。治療人流、放環後陰道下血症83例 ,其中因放環所致者64例 ,有效62例 ;人流所致者19例 ,全部有效,總有效率97.6%[2]

治出血性疾病。以苧麻(包括根、莖、葉)製成苧麻片,每片相當於原藥10克 ,每次48片 ,每日34次 ,治療不明病原的消化道出血、潰瘍病併發出血及肺咯血等,均縮短出血時間,減少出血量[1]


Modern Research:



Toxicity & Cautions:


[1]Second People's Hospital, Suzhou. (Nationwide introduction of new drugs. Second Series) Ministry of Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry IT Center Station, 118, 1970   蘇州第二人民 醫院,等.(全國新藥介紹.第二輯)化工部醫藥工業技術情報中心站,118頁 ,1970

[2] Xie Zhenqiang. "Zhu Ai Tang, Treatment on bleeding after artificial abortion,  and After Placing Birth Control Ring. Efficacy analysis. New Chinese Medicine 1984; 8:28.謝震強.苧艾湯治療人流、放後 經漏療 效分析.新中醫1984828

[3]  Zhong Yao Da Ci Dian   《 中藥大辭典 》

Today, it is mainly substituted with stems. The stems can be repeating harvested up to 15 times a years. Using the stems to substitute the roots can greatly lower the cost for the herb farmers.


The following are treatise from various famous classics. They  will be translated. If you need them in a hurry contact our Research Librarian.



《 本草經疏 》:苧根,《別錄》在小兒赤丹,為其寒能涼血也。
《日華子》用以治心膈熱,漏胎下血,胎前產心煩,天行熱疾,大渴發狂,及罯毒箭,蛇虫咬,皆以其 性寒能解熱涼血故也。


③《本草正義》:白苧性寒,古方多言其主治小便不通,五淋熱結等証,則有泄熱通利之力,是以《 日華本草 》謂其甘寒而滑。乃近人偏以為安胎之用,實則既寒且滑,必非胎動者所宜;且根主下行,尤為妊娠禁品。考古今醫藥諸書,惟 《梅師集驗方》用以治胎動忽下黃汁,此外殊不多見,丹溪且言其行滯血,則更與胎動大相刺謬,又何可為安胎套藥耶。

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