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h Li4 合谷  (in English and Chinese 中英文)
Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯

He gu point is located on Large intestine channel of hand yangming.

Location: In the back of the hand,  between 1st and 2nd metacarpal midpoint of the first two metacarpal radial side.
The simple method to locate the  acupoints: stretch and open the thumb and the index finger of one hand, place the crease of thumb joint of the other hand on the edge of the web  between the thumb and the index finger, the point where the tip of the thumb touches is he gu LI4.

Indications: headache, red eyes and throat, epistaxis (nose bleeding), tooth pain, trismus (inability to normally open the mouth), the drooping of mouth and eyes, deafness, mumps, sore throat, fever with no sweat, sweating, abdominal pain, constipation, amenorrhea, prolonged labor .


  1. combination with tai yang point for headache;

  2. combination with  the tai chong for  red eyes and throat; disease with ying xiang governance nose;

  3. combination with small business to cure sore throat;

  4. combination with san yin jiao for amenorrhea, prolonged labor;

  5. combination with jia che for drooping eye

Needle method: straight in 0.5 to 1 cun.



.定位: 在手背,第1與第2掌骨間,當第2掌骨橈側的中點處。
解剖: 在第一、二掌骨之間,第一骨間背側肌中,深層有拇收肌橫頭;有手背靜脈網,為頭靜脈的起部,腧穴近側正當橈動脈從手背穿向手掌之處;布有橈神經淺支的掌背側神經,深部有正中神經的指掌側固有神經。
主治: 頭痛,目赤腫痛,鼻衄,齒痛,牙關緊閉,口眼歪斜,耳聾,痄腮,咽喉腫痛熱病無汗,多汗,腹痛,便秘,經閉,滯產。

  1. 配太陽治頭痛;配太沖治目赤腫痛;

  2. 配迎香治鼻疾;

  3. 配少商治咽喉腫痛;

  4. 配三陰交治經閉,滯產;

  5. 配地倉頰車治眼歪斜。

刺法: 直刺0.5~l寸。

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