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jiu zi wan 韭子丸      (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


Name of Formula: jiu zi wan (Source of Formula: Shen Ji Zong Lu)


Consumption with fullness in belly, achiness, consumption recurrence with catching cold and sickness lingers, achiness all over the body, pale conplexion, or swelling, edema in legs and knees, lack of strength in walking, constipation, cold knees and achy loin, lack of appetite. Females: chronically weak and cold,  achy limbs, pain in chest area, irregular menses, edema in limbs.



jiu zi 60 g (after boiling in vinegar, stir fry),niu xi (soak in rice wine, cut, bake)15 g, dang gui (cut, bake) 15 g, gui pi (rou gui)(remove rough skin)15 g, gan jiang(roast) 15 g, ren shen 15 g, chuang xiong 15 g, da huang 15 g, ba dou 90 pieces (remove skin and cores, stir fry in bran, grind till oil appears)


Grind the 8 items of herbs into powder and add ba dou and mix evenly.  Mix with refined honey and make into pills as large as soy beans.

Take 2 to 3 pills with warm rice wine before while stomach is empty. Stop using when the stool is soft or mushy.


藥方名:韭子丸 《聖濟總錄》


功能主治: 虛勞積聚,滿悶疼痛,及一切風勞(虛勞病復發而受涼)冷氣(重傷風,感冒),積年不愈,攻擊四肢,遍體酸疼,面無顏色,或即浮腫,腳膝虛腫,行步無力,大腸秘澀,常有結糞,膝冷腰疼,吃食無味。婦人虛冷血氣,年深不愈,氣攻四肢,心膈刺痛,經脈不調,面如蠟色,手足虛腫。

 組成:韭 子2兩(以醋湯煮後,炒令如油麻者),牛膝(酒浸,切,焙)半兩,當 歸(切,焙)半兩,桂皮(去粗皮)半兩,乾薑(炮裂)半兩,人參半兩,川 芎半兩,大黃  半兩,巴豆90粒(去皮心,麩炒,另外研 磨到出油)。



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