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Herb Formula for Chronic Inflammation of Shoulders

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Chronic pain in the shoulders can be caused by bone tuberculosis, tumors, injuries, and bi (qi and blood stasis).

Bi (qi and blood stasis)

Correct diagnostics is important so that the problems can be identified early for correct therapy. The following herb formula is for therapy of bi (qi and blood stasis).

Diagnostic: Pain in front and back part of shoulder, sometimes radiating toward the neck and upper back. Pain has been persistent at least for three months.  No obvious injury.


dang gui, bai shao, dang shen, huang qi, fu ling, shen di huang, 20 g each; jiang can, quan xie, di long   10 g each;wu gong 2 pieces, jiang huang, gui zhi,, fang feng 10 g each. If coldness is heavy, take out di long  , shen di huang, and add zhi chuan wu, zhi cao wu 6 g each. If damp heat is heavy, add fang ji, chan sha 15 g each.

Grind the above herbs into a fine powder and make into pills with refined honey.

Make into pills of 10 g each. Take one pill 3 times a day before a meal with warm boiled water. One month is a therapy period. If the sickness has been long, increase the therapy period up to three months.

Source: Xiao Ren Xiang of People Hospital of Da Zhu District of Sichuan Province, China.

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