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gum arabic  阿拉伯膠 (in English and Chinese 中英文)


By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Gum Arabic is made from the sap of the Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal trees, it is soluble in cold water. Heating increases its solubility. Commercial products are dried like flakes and milled and some are spray dried.

Other names: Acacia arabica, Acacia senegal, Acacia verek, Arbre ŕ Gomme Arabique, Bum Senegal, Bomme Arabique, Bomme de Senegal, Bummae Momosae, Goma Arábiga, Gomme Acacia, Gomme Arabique, Gomme d’Acacia, Gomme Sénégal, Gommier Blanc, Gum Acacia, Gum Arabic, Khadir, Kher, Kumatia, Mimosa senegal, Senegalia senegal.

Usage: primarily in food industry as stabilizer.

Characteristic: gum arabic is a hydrosol, soluble in water. It is not soluble in oil or alcohol. But can be dissolved in the solution of less than 15% alcohol content. Its solubility with water mixing ratio can be up to 60%. Other gum can only dissolve up to about 5 to 8% before being saturated.

Commercially, gum arabic is being substitution erroneously for tao jiao which is the  secretion of trunks of peach trees, plum  trees, apricot  trees, and cherry  trees.


阿拉伯膠來於Acacia senegalAcacia seyal 的樹木的乾燥的膠汁。它溶於冷水。加熱能增加其溶解度。商業加工是乾燥成薄片並磨成粉狀,有些是用噴霧器乾燥。


性質:是屬於水溶膠。不溶於油與酒精。但能溶解於含量低於 15%酒精。其溶解度與水的混合比 則可高達 60%;而一般膠類在溶水的過程中僅能最多加進約 5~8%的膠體而已即達飽和

現在市場上的桃 膠多是阿拉伯膠代替的。



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