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jin zhen gu 金針菇

Also see ji tui mo 雞腿蘑

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Click here to see picture of jin zhen gu. 按此看金針菇圖。

Pharmaceutical name:


Flammulinae velutipes

Latin  name:


Flammulina velutipes

Pron. in Japanese:

日語發音 ﹕


Pron. in Korean:

韓語發音 ﹕

jeen jeen gu

Pron. in Cantonese:


gam1 zam1 gu1

Other Names:

別名 ﹕


Common Name:


Enoki mushroom,  velvet shank, winter mushroom, golden mushroom,

golden needle mushroom (Singapore).



most part of the world.




cold, salty.


Channels (meridians) entered:



Medical functions:



Improves the production of nitrogen oxide of macrophages, thus helps the activation of immune system.

Anti-cancer effect. [3]

具有提高巨噬細胞NO產量的功能,有益於活 化免疫系統。

抗癌作用 【3】。

Actions & Indications:


Jin zhen gu has been used as food for cancer therapy, especially for the estrogen non-responsive type of breast cancer, which has no effective drug treatment. 【1】This type of estrogen non-responsive breast cancer is common among the women of African and Asian origin.

金針菇可作為食物用來治 療癌病, 特別是對女性激素不敏感的乳癌。這種乳癌常見於亞洲與非洲的婦女。這種乳癌沒有特效的治療藥物。

Chemical ingredients:


active ingredient: fve, a fungal immunomodulatory protein (FIP)


用 量﹕

fresh mushroom: 100 g

新鮮金針菇作菜用: 100 克。

Samples of formulae:

處方 舉例﹕

Put the mushroom in boiling  water for about 3 minutes. Use as vegetable.


Modern Research:


In one in vitro study MCF-7 tumor colony formation rate was reduced by 60% 
in CCE (Coprinus comatus (Muell.ex Fr.) Gray [Agaricus comatus Muell.])- and 
CME-treated cells. The MCF-7 tumor colony was nearly completely inhibited (99%) 
by FVE treatment, regardless of the hormone receptor status of the cancer cells.. 【2】
According to Prof. Xu Fu of the horticulture department of Taiwan University, 
after heating the mushroom for 15 minutes under 121℃  and also heating 
30 minutes under 95℃, the anticancer substance of FIP-fve still remain intact.  
That protein had not been destroyed. In further investigation, after high heat 
treatment, the effect of FIP-fve on the spleen cells and the the production of 
the interferin, IFN-r of the lab mice, that the anticancer ingredient FIP-fve 
of the mushroom possesses the quality of high temperature endurance.
在一體外試驗, 三種菇類:鬼傘菇,雞腿蘑,金針菇之提取物對人類乳腺癌,無論
台大園藝系許輔教授的研究中顯示在121℃ 15分鐘及95℃ 30分鐘處理後,
產生干擾素(Interferin, IFN-r)的影響,發現 FIP-fve有很高的耐熱性。

Toxicity & Cautions:


It was found that there were some unscrupulous golden mushroom canneries in China illegally added sodium fomaldehyde sulfoxylate to their product and as as  bleaching agent, and to preserve the fresh look so that they can sell better. During the production process, some of the canneries also added potassium nitrate to preserve color, and illegally smoked with industrial sulfur to preserve freshness and color, and used sodium benzoate as a preservative. Sodium benzoate has been approved by different Western governments as a preservative to prevent mold in food. Usually it is added in soft drink, soy sauce, candies, and other snacks. When sodium benzoate combines with vitamin C, a carcinogenic substance is produced. When sodium benzoate is added to soft drink, it can damage the mitochondria of the cells. The function of mitochondria is to absorb oxygen and to release energy. The result is the unable of normal function of the cells, and become aged and atrophy, including causing degenerative diseases like cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson's disease.  Industrial sulfur, besides containing sulfur, it also contains lead and arsenic. It is harmful to eat food that has been smoke with industrial sulfur..

有些不肖金針菇罐頭工廠為了保鮮和利於銷售,在生 產過程中違法添加吊白塊(甲 醛合次硫酸氫鈉 、工業鹽 (硝酸鉀)、工業硫磺 和苯甲酸 鈉 ,且盛裝金針菇的罐子也未清洗消毒,嚴重危害消費 者健康。

苯甲酸鈉是一種獲准用於食物的防腐劑,可預防食物發霉,常見於汽水、醬油、蜜餞、零食內。苯甲酸鈉 與維 他命C結合,可產生致癌物質苯。英國的大學研究發現,多款汽水加入防腐劑苯甲酸鈉,破壞細胞中負責吸取氧份和釋出能量的線粒體 ,令細胞無法正常 運作,出現衰老、退化徵狀,包括可導致肝硬化和帕金遜等退化性疾病。



[3]DOI: 10.3200/AEOH.58.8.533-537 Jean A. Monroa

pages 533-537



MCF-7: Human breast adenocarcinoma cell line

CME, CCE, FVE: extract of  mushroom species, Coprinellus sp. 鬼傘菇, Coprinus comatus雞腿蘑, Flammulina  velutipes金針菇

ER+ : Breast cancer cells that are ER+ depend on estrogen to grow. Anti-estrogen hormonal therapy blocks the receptors or reduces the amount of estrogen that can get into the receptors. As a result, the cancer cells may shrink or die. Breast cancer cells that are ER- do not depend on estrogen to grow. Anti-estrogen hormonal therapy is not effective against this type of cancer. Most white Caucasians are ER+ and most Asians and Africans are ER-.

正性雌二醇受體 (ER+):降低乳癌患者的雌 二醇,能達到縮小癌腫。多數白人患者 屬于這類。

負性雌二醇受 體 (ER-):降 低乳癌患者的雌 二醇,不能達到縮小癌腫。多數亞洲與非洲患者屬于這 類。這類癌一般上比較難用現代醫藥治療。

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