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nei guan point PC6 內關穴  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu



Nei guan point PC6 in a point on the Pericardium channel of hand jueyin. It is a lue point.


Application: Coronary disease, the angina pectoris, chest pain, the palpitation, the chest are stuffy, with dizziness, numbness in the limbs.


Location: in the middle of the forearm, 2 cun above the crease of the wrist.


Indication: coronary diseases, angina, chest pain, palpitation, with dizziness and numbness in the limbs, hiccups


內關穴屬厥陰心包經絡穴,為經氣與絡氣交會樞紐。 除聯絡手少陽三焦經,又與陰維脈相通。


定位:於前臂正中,  腕橫紋上2,  在撓則屈腕肌腱同掌長肌腱之間取穴。

主治:冠心病、心絞痛、胸痛、心悸、胸悶,兼頭暈、肢體麻痺, 打嗝


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