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xiao yao san 逍遙散

dan zhi xiao yao san 丹梔逍遙散

xiao yao wan 逍遙丸

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu         按此看中文。

Name of formula: xiao yao san (Tai Ping Hui min He Ju Ju Fang)

Application: for neurasthenia, insomnia, pneumonia, catarrh, early stage of TB, infertility, menopausal syndrome, shoulder and back pain, depression, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B, urinary tract inflammation, vaginal yeast infection, irregular menses, sores in mouth and tongue after child birth, constipation due to deficiency (weakness), hyperthyroidism, eczema, vitiligo, keratodermia, headache, and dizziness.


bai zhu 5 g, gan cao  7 g. fu ling 10 g, bo he 2 g, dang gui 10 g, bai shao  10 g,

sheng jiang 5 g,  chai hu  5 g.

Boil with water and make into decoction. Use as tea.

Or use the same proportion and make into powder.

Dosage: 6 to 9 g.


dan zhi xiao yao san

When dan pi and zhi zi are added to xiao yao san, it is called dan zhi xiao yao san. It is being used in irregular menses with night sweating, hot flushes, and constantly tired.

(See application of xiao yao san above).


Side effect: There was a report that a patient was taking xiao yao san to treat trigeminal neuralgia. After one week the patient developed skin rash, edema in the face and legs, high fever and chill. After stopping taking the medicine and being treated, the symptoms subsided.

Editor's Note: The above side effect could be caused by the condition of shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) and pixu (spleen deficient)  which caused the dysfunction of the autoimmune system and became hypersensitivity to different medical material.


This is one of the ten famous herbal formulas  

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組成﹕柴胡 50 克﹐當歸 100 克﹐白芍 100克﹐白朮 (炒) 50克﹐

生薑 50 克﹐50 茯苓 100 克﹐甘草 70 克﹐ 薄荷 20 克。

用法與用量﹕ 口服,一次 6∼9g,一日1∼2次。



用法與用量﹕ 口服,一次 6∼9g,一日1∼2次。








柴胡 5 克﹐當 歸 10 克﹐白芍 10克﹐白朮 (炒) 5克﹐生薑 5 克﹐茯 苓 10 克﹐甘 草 7 克﹐ 薄荷 2 克。


副作用報導﹕ 有 病人因患三叉神經痛 服逍 遙 散 1周後 全身出现點狀粉 紅色丘疹,面部及下肢浮腫 ,惡寒高燒 ,頭部脹痛 、停藥治療後痊愈。

編者按 ﹕ 以上副作用是可 能腎陽虛脾虛, 以致身體免疫機能紊 亂因 而 對 許 多 藥 物 發 生 過 敏 感    ; 未 必 是 因 為 服 用 逍 遙 散 之 關 係   。


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