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Cross Reference of Chinese herb, Latin to Chinese Page 1 (gif files, no links)

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

For explanations, with links, go back to the Chinese Herb Dictionary.

For Chinese Pinyin index go to : pinyin and characters to Latin Botanical Names 

1. abrus precatoius - arctium

2. arctium majus - buddlea officianalis

3. buddlea officianalis, Max - cimicifuga heracleifolia

4. cinnamoum cassia - cornus officinalis

5. corydalis nakaii - dendrobium nobile

6. daucus carota, L. - epimidium Mac.

7. eucalyptus globulus, L.-gelsemium sempervirians

8. Gentiana scabra, Bunge-lepidium micrandum

9. ligusticum acutilobum- narcissus tazetta, L.

10. nelumbo nucifera- phyllostachys nigra

11. phylotacca acinosa, Roxb. - Prunus mandschuria

12. pseudaegle trifoliata, M. - pieimus chinensis

13. rieinus communis L. - sophora flavescens

14. sophora japonica - verbena officinalic L.

15. viola chinensis-zizyphus vulgaris




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