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da tian ji huang 大田基黃  (in English and Chinese)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Pharmaceutical name:


Herba Lysimachiae

Botanical name:


Lysimachia fortunei Maxim.

Pron. in Japanese:



Korean Name:



Pron. in Cantonese:


daai6 tin4 gei1 wong4

Other Names:


hong qi cao 紅七草,hong qi gen 紅氣根,jin jiao ji 金雞腳,bai jian cao 百煎草,ma que li (in Guangxi) 麻雀利(廣西),ni qiu cao (in Guangzhou) 泥鰍草(廣州)xing xiu cai 星宿菜,chi jiao cai 赤腳草,hong gen cao 紅根草,hong gen zi 紅根子,hong jiao cai 紅腳菜,hong geng cai 紅梗草,huang jiao ji 黃腳雞,huan shan cai 黃鱔草,ai tao cao 矮桃草,san xue cao 散血草,bian di jin 遍地金,chen lei huang 成累荒。

Common Name:





Produced in Guangxi. Distribution: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan, Hunan, Hubei provinces of China.

產於廣西各地 區;分布於江蘇,浙江,福建,江西,廣東,台灣,湖南,湖北等省區。




slightly bitter, tart, neutral.


Channels (meridians) entered:



Medical functions:



Effect on liver: infusing  into the stomach using this herb, it obviously lowered the ALT of the injured liver of mice caused by CCl4 and lower the triglyceride of the liver.  Using 25g/kg and 10g/kg stomach infusion for 9 days continuously, it  improved the amount of glycogen of the liver of the mice that had been injured by CCl4. Using 10g/kg and 5g/kg hypodermic injection, it obviously lowered the total bilirubin of mice that had jaundice created by 1-Naphthyl isothiocyanate (ANIT).

Effect on anti-inflammation: from clinical observation on acute inflammation of the lymph ducts caused by filariasis, using this herb, 66.6% of the body temperature of the patients returned to normal. In 3 days, all body temperature of the patients returned to normal. The average time for the local area inflammation to subside was 39.9 days. It shows that this herb has curative effect. After one and a half year later, the re-examination of the patients shows that the current dosage can not control the long term recurrence and can not lessen the symptoms.

1.對肝臟作用 本品10g/kg,5g/kg灌胃,連續7d,能明顯降低 CCl4 肝損傷大鼠升高的丙氨酸轉氨酶(ALT)活性,降低肝臟三酰甘油 含量。以25g/kg,10g/kg灌 胃,連續九 天,能增加四氯化碳(CCl4) 肝損傷小鼠肝糖原 含量。以25g/kg,10g/kg灌胃,以10g/kg,5g/kg皮 下注射,對α萘異硫氰酸酯(ANIT) 造成的黃疸型 小鼠的總膽紅素升高,均有明顯降低作用[3]。
2.抗炎作用 經臨床觀察,絲虫性急性淋巴管炎發作期患者經本品治療後,在1d內有66.6%病例體溫恢復正常,3d內全部病例體溫正常。局部炎 症消退時間平均為39.9d,說明有治療效果。經1年半後復查說明,現用劑量不能控制遠期復發及減輕發作症狀[4]。

Actions & Indications:


Being used in influenza, cough with blood, inflammation of intestine, dysentery, hepatitis, parasites, mal nutrition in small children, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, pain during menses, leucorrhea,  mastitis, conjunctivitis, snake bites, injuries from impact.

用於感冒,咳嗽咯血,腸炎,痢疾,肝炎,疳積,瘧疾,風濕關節痛,痛經,閉經,白帶;乳腺炎,結膜炎,蛇 咬傷,跌打損傷。

Chemical ingredients:


全草含摁貝素 (embelin),紫金牛醌(rapainone),三十烷醇(triaconatano)及2,5-二羥基-3-烷基苯醌類(2,5-dihyroxybenzoquinone-3-alkylderiva-tivesof)衍生物[1],三葉豆甙 (trifolin),金絲桃甙 (Hyperin), 異鼠李素-3-半乳糖甙(isorhamnetin-3-galactoside),芸香甙 (rutinoside),槲皮素-3 -鼠李糖基((quercetin-3-O-α-rhamnose)(1→2) 半乳糖甙[quercetin 3-rhamnosyl-(1→2)galactoside]異鼠李素-3-刺槐二糖甙 (isorhamnetin -3-acasiadiglycoside),毛裡求斯排草素(mauritianin)及兩種新黃酮醇甙,即槲皮素-3-(2,6-二吡喃鼠李糖基吡喃半乳糖甙)[quercetin 3(2,6-dirhamnopyranosylgalactopyranoside)]和異鼠李糖素-3-(2,6-二吡喃鼠李糖基吡喃半乳 糖甙 [isorhamnetin-3-(2,6- dirhamnopyranosylgalactopyranoside)] [2]。


用 量﹕

In decoction: 15 to 30 g

For external use: use fresh herb in appropriate amount. Smash and apply to affected areas.


外用適 量,鮮品搗爛敷患處。

Samples of formulae:

處方 舉例﹕

  •  Nose bleeding: da tian ji huang, zhi zi, mai dong, 15 to 30 g each.  Boil with water and drink as tea.

  • Menses overly heavy or vomiting blood: fresh da tian ji huang root 10 to 20 g. Wash then chew and eat.

  • Indigestion of children: fan shi liu leaves 30 g, da tian ji huang 30 g, red tea leaves 9 to 12 g, rice powder (stir fry till brown) 15 to 30 g, water 1000 c.c. Simmer till 500 cc is left. Add little salt. Dosage per day: for 1 to 6 months old, 250 c.c. For 1 year and over: 500 c.c. For 1 year to 16 months old: use appropriate amount. Divide dosage evenly over the day. If symptom is serious use modern (western) and traditional Chinese medicine complementary therapy. (Editor's note: the original formula includes sugar for taste but in case of weak digestion, yeast infection of the digestive tract often happens, using sugar can be contra-indication.)

  • .衄血 大田基黃,梔 子麥 冬各15-30克,水煎服。

  • 月經過多 ,吐血 大田基黃,鮮根10-20克,洗淨嚼服。

  • 小兒消化 不良:番 石榴葉,大田基黃(紅根草)各30克 ,紅茶9~12克,炒米粉15~30克。加水1000毫升,煎至500毫升,加食鹽適量。每日量:1~6個月250毫升,1歲以上500毫升16個 月~1歲者酌情加量。均分數次服。症重者按中西醫結合方法治療。酌情禁食6~12小時。(编者按:原方有加白糖。消化不良者常有腸胃濕熱,所 以不應加白糖。)

Modern Research:



Toxicity & Cautions:



[1] 方乍浦,等.中國中藥雜志,1989,14(12):739
[2] Yasukawa K ,et al.Phytochemistry ,1989,28(8):2215

[3] 陳莉萍,等.中國藥理學會通訊,1995,12(3):23
[4] 《浙江藥用植物志》編寫組。浙江藥用植物志(下冊)。第1版。杭州:浙江科農學院技術出版社,1980:983



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