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sheng jiang san 昇降散

 translated by Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文

Name of Formula:

Sheng Jiang San (Source:Shang Shu Quan Shu)

Uses:  rid of xue yu (blood stasis) .. For treatment of non-infectious type of meningitis and enterovirus type 71 (EV71).


jiang can 3 g, chan tui 3 g, da huang  10 g, jiang huang  1 g (put in during the last minute).

Add 800 cc of water. Simmer till 320 cc is left. Make into 3 servings. Drink while warm.


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升降散 《傷暑全書》


功效﹕行氣開郁﹐活血化。 無菌性腦膜炎, 七十一型腸病毒

處方﹕﹐殭 蠶 6克﹐ 蟬 蛻 6克﹐ 大 黃 10, 姜 黃 1 (後下)

加水800cc 煎至320cc﹐分三次溫服。

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