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tinnitus  耳鳴      (in Enlgish and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

1. Massage ting hui point GB2.  The point is in the front lower part of the tragus, the indentation part when the mouth if open.  Massage with the index finger a few dozens times, then gently drag down a few dozens of times
2. Massage yi feng point SJ17.  It is at the back of the earlobe, in the suture. Slightly open the mouth,, with the index finger gently pressing Yi feng point a few dozens times, and then the depression in the top of the point to the mandibular angle, gently pull back and forth down a few dozens times.
Striking the heavenly drum:  Rub your palms, with the palm cover the ears, with fingers on the back of the head, were stacked on the left and right index fingers on top of the middle fingers, tap the bottom of the occipital bone, creating somewhat like the sound of drums.
3. Massage ming men point DU4

Herb: according traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics, ge gen tang can be considered.

 聽會穴 GB2﹐ 在耳屏前下方﹐張嘴時凹窩處﹐用食指按摩數十下﹐再輕輕往下拉數十下。
 翳風穴 SJ17﹐ 在耳垂後的骨縫。稍微開口﹐用食指在翳風穴處輕輕按壓數十下﹐然後在該穴位上方凹陷處至下頜角﹐輕輕往下來回拉數十下。

翳風 SJ17


耳門 SJ21



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