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Decrease of hypophysis (pituitary) frontal lobe function after child birth 

産後腦下垂體前頁功能減退                (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                        按此看中文

Postpartum hemorrhage and being in shock for too long, can cause anterior pituitary dysfunction sequelae. Symptoms: losing body weight, fatigue, hair loss, chills, amenorrhea, breast atrophy, severe cases can be fatal.
May lead to hypothyroidism caused by: fatigue, hair loss, obesity, slow thinking, slow pulse, low blood pressure.
May also cause adrenal dysfunction caused by: fatigue, weight loss, hyponatremia, hypoglycemia, anemia, low pitch voice, frequent urination at night.


gan cao 15 - 30 g, ren shen 6 g


If patient dislikew cold, add fu zi 10 g.

Add 3 bowls of water, simmer till one bowl is left.  Take out liquid

and 2 more bowls of water and re-boil 2 more times.  Mix the liquid.

Make into 3 servings.  One prescription per day.

If hypertension and edema occurs, cut down half the amount of

gan cao to half the quantity and the following can be added:

fu ling 10 g, du zhong 10 g, wu wei zi 10 g.  Blood transfusion

can be provided if needed.


total patients: 9

totally healed: 3

basically healed: 5

There were 5 cases of loss of blood after giving birth and

went into shock.

After giving birth the following formula was administered

 gan cao 10-15 g, ren shen 3 -6 g, da zao 10 pieces (cut).

Boil with water. One prescription per day made into 3 servings.

All those treated did not develop this sickness.




也可能導致腎上腺功能減退而引起:疲倦,消瘦,低鈉,低血糖,貧血, 聲音低沉,夜尿多。


處方:甘 草 15 - 30 克, 人参 6 克。




加减: 畏冷者,加 附子10克。

如血壓高將甘 草 减半,另加 茯 苓 10, 杜 仲 10 , 五味子 10 .






有五人生産後出血過 多而致休克。生産後用下方:

甘 草 10-15 , 人参 3 -6 , 大棗 10 枚劈開。

加水三碗。煎一碗。 取汁。可加水再煎两三次。混在一起。分作三次服。

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