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Chinese Herb Formula for Yeast Infection

Compiled and Edited By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Vagina yeast infection herb formula 2

Diagnostics: damp-heat  dampness is high and fire is weak. liver qi stagnation and pixu (spleen deficient)

Name of Formula: Wan Dai Tang

tu chao bai zhu 38 g, chao shan yao 38 g,  ren shen 7.5 g,  chao bai shao 19 g,

che qian zi 11 g,  zhi cang zhu   11 g,  gan cao 4 g, chen pi  2 g, hei jing jie 2 g,

chai hu  2 g

Boil with water. Take one prescription a day; make into 2 servings. Add. water and re-boil the herbs next day.  Take 6 prescriptions in 12 days.

證見﹕  濕熱﹔  濕重 火弱﹐ 肝氣鬱結  兼有 脾虛

如用諸方無效﹐用 補經固真湯

If the yeast infection is not clear by then, use the formula, bu jing gu zhen tang

Name of Formula: bu jing gu zhen tang


ren shen 7.5 g,  chen pi ( including the white portion) 2 g,  gan jiang powder 7.5 g,

bai gui hua 16 pieces,  chai hu  4 g, zhi gan cao  4 g,  yu li ren (ground) 4 g,

sheng huang qin 4 g ( separated from the rest of herbs)

Boil all herbs, except sheng huang qin, with 1000 cc of water until 600 cc. remain.  Add sheng huang qin and boil until 350 cc. Drink while warm, before meal. After a few minutes, eat breakfast.

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