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Habitual Miscarriage

Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

After being pregnant if there is some bleeding or with achy loin, heaviness in the lower abdomen, it can be considered as threatened abortion. It is mostly happen during first 20 week of pregnancy. If the pregnancy test shows there is a change from positive to negative, the miscarriage has occurred.

Chinese herb formulae

Formula 1

Name of formula: gu shen an tai yin

Benefit of this formula: as tonic for qi, blood, and shen; safeguarding pregnancy. Therapy for symptomatic miscarriage.


huang qi 13 g,  dang shen 13 g,   chao ai ye (charred) 3 g,   tu si zi 9 g,  gan cao  5.5 g,  sheng di huang 13 g,  chuan duan 9 g,   zhu ma gen 11 g,  du zhong 9 g, e jiao 9 g(to be added to strained decoction), sang ji sheng 9 g, dang gui 9 g, bai shao 9 g.

Boil all the herb, except e jiao, with about 1,200 c.c. of water. Simmer for 45 minutes and render down to about 320 c.c. (a serving size) .

Note: e jiao should be put into warm cup and pour the boiling decoction into the cup. Stir to dissolve the e jiao. Cover the cup for 10 minutes before drinking.

Adjustment of Formula:


Source: Xu Zhi Hua, Hospital of Anhui Traditional Chinese Medical School, Anhui, China.


確定懷孕後,陰道有少量出血, 或伴有腰酸,腹脹墜痛者,即可診斷 先兆流產。多數發生在妊娠二十周內。如果妊娠試驗由陽性轉為陰性, 說明已經流產。


黄芪 13 克,  黨参 13 克,   艾叶 3 克,   菟絲子 9克,  甘 草  5.5 克,  生地黄 12 克,  川 断 9 克,   苧麻根 12 克,  杜仲 9 克, 阿 膠 9 (另包,冲服), 桑寄生 9 克, 當歸 9 克, 白芍 9 克.



陰虛血熱者去 艾叶, 加 旱莲草
如有外傷誘因加砂 仁 3


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